Hot tubs

Taking care of your spa tub

It is advisable to use 100% soluble fragrances to avoid damaging the pipes, heating and pumps of your spa tub. It is also not recommended to use bath salts due to the corrosive effect of these products in the bathtub faucet, in the tub material and in the electrical component (such as pumps).

To keep the whirlpool tub clean, always running and without problems, follow these recommendations:

- Fill the tub.
- Close the valve connected to the air jets.
- Add a mild detergent.
- Start the whirlpool bath for about 15 minutes.
- After completely empty the tub.
- Repeat the operation 10 minutes later to remove any detergent residue remaining in the tub.
- Finally, empty the tank again and fill it.

This procedure should be repeated every year, to prevent the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi, which tend to be created regularly in humid environments. In addition, this method of cleaning will ensure the correct functioning of the spa bath for many years.

Another no less important aspect in the maintenance of your hot tub is that over the years it appears on the walls adjacent to the lime waste tank. To combat this, it is recommended to clean the walls regularly with vinegar (or a specific product for this purpose), then wipe with a clean cloth.

The real benefits

The advantages of the spa bath are numerous, here is the list of the most remarkable:

- Effectively fight against the stress caused by the convulsed daily life.
- Massages produced by the pressure of water on the skin reduce anxiety and muscle tension.
- Hot water deeply cleanses the skin, as it opens the pores and removes impurities.
- Greatly improves joint pain because it fights osteoarthritis.
- Helps reduce insomnia with its relaxing effect.
- It is anti-inflammatory.
- It is a pleasant and stimulating experience.
- Helps heal muscle injuries.
- Helps heal wounds and scars.

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