Hot tubs

Making the most of your jacuzzi spa

Procedures differ for different types of devices, whether it is the frequency and duration of sessions, the temperatures of use, the actions to be performed. Not to mention the restrictions on the use of products for body care and routine maintenance.

Rules for the practice of the hot tub

There are no well-defined rules for the practice of the hot tub, only recommendations of use falling under the precautionary principle. Especially for pregnant women, hypertensive people, diabetics... Caution is also required for children, especially sensitive to hot water. For the rest, to each to determine its frequency of use (daily or more spaced) according to his lifestyle, his family contingencies, his physical condition. Best time for a spa is in the evening, to evacuate the tensions of the day and to promote a good sleep. 15 to 40 minutes, changing several times to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the different massage stations.

Principle of massage

In general, the warmer water, the shorter session and the gentle massage are some practice massage after a spa. This principle is for common use, excluding targeted applications. It is advisable to take a shower before diving into the bath and have a towel or bathrobe handy. Essential oils should never be used at the jacuzzi spa as they may cause skin irritation and damage to the shell. Be sure to mix them with the water before adding them to the bath. Remember, fragrances made from milk emulsion. The tub empties and cleans after each use, the spa only when renewing the water. In the meantime, the automatic sanitation system and chemical treatments are responsible for maintaining the balance of water and equipment in good condition. There are also specific products to remove traces of limestone.

Whether you want a spa to be alone in reading a good book, enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy or to invite all your friends’ home to remake the world, we have the model for you!

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