Hot tubs

Have you ever tried a jacuzzi bathtub moment ?

Spend special moments with those around you and take self care are some of the most enjoyable things and who are even more immersed in the hot water of a bath, away from everyday tensions. Regular use a jacuzzi bathtub helps to have a healthy body, energetic and active. Choose Jacuzzi can be fundamental for maintain a healthy lifestyle for your family .

The specificities of the jacuzzi bathtub

Jacuzzi's mission is to make life easier by restoring rhythm and balance. A demanding job, a strenuous exercise session, the constraints of everyday life, ... many situations that create the need for a revitalizing, rewarding, relaxing, regenerating ritual.

Jacuzzi whirlpool baths are also exceptional in the heart of their manufacture. Adapted pump power ensures intense and efficient jets and energetic and controlled water circulation. It ensures optimal comfort. Hygiene is not left out with a rigid hydraulic system that avoids any water retention and nozzles completely sealed.

Jacuzzi has always been at the forefront of aesthetics: we study and design our products by collaborating with the most great Italian and international designers. Our technology

hydromassage is expressed in designer bathtubs modern, in line with the most current trends.

Jacuzzi baths use innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and insulation elements, the best on the market. They help maintain the heat of the water more efficiently by significantly reducing energy expenditure.

A Jacuzzi whirlpool bath is a space dedicated to self-care: a place to forget the daily frenzy, where the bath ritual is enriched with the technology of hydromassage for a total wellness experience.

Jacuzzi hydromassage is unique. The research work that unites hydrotherapy, technology, ergonomics and design produces an unparalleled benefit. The inclination of the nozzles at 30 ° and the adjustable jets can reach many muscles and offer a complete, deep and effective hydromassage. To meet all needs, Jacuzzi bathtubs offer three types of hydromassage: Classic, Aquasystem and Shiatsu.

So, if you have decided to buy a spa bath or a multifunctional shower stall to relax, revitalize and recharge your batteries, then choose the jacuzzi bathtub.


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