Hot tubs

Indulging in hydrotheropy during a spa session

Spa has change the course of our life since it came to existence. There are many ways to profit from your spa but using it to indulge in hydrotherapy is very rewarding. There are many advantageous effects found in the hydrotherapy spa session. You can use several methods to the highest benefit from it. The effect of water from the spa on the body can relief the body from many pains and give a better rest.

Hydrotherapy pools

In the hydrotherapy pools, you can lie or sit on the ergonomically moulded seat to massage your body through jets of water. Some jets will work specifically on your lower back, others will give you a more diffuse massage and if you stand under the swan’s neck showers, a deft hit of a button will release a powerful jet of water over your neck and shoulders to give a deep water massage.

Scotch hose or Swiss showers

An interesting hydrotherapy treatment where you stand back sharp against a wall, holding unto some handily positioned handles. The spa therapist has a hand held shower head to direct water unto you from a distance to massage your body and can target specific areas. In case you want something more resounding, use the Swiss showers. Here you stand in between 6 to 12 shower heads in the booth with lifted head to direct water on your body in the desired power jet and water temperature.

The effect of water on the body skin

As you immerse yourself in warm water of the spa, you receive a number of health benefits, your body temperature increases with immediate perspiration. The skin’s pores open, blood vessels are diluted and blood is diverted to the skin. The wonderful process encourages the body’s toxic wastes to be eliminated through the opened pores with the wonderful effect of relaxation on the body.

The restoring massage of hydrotherapy

As you indulge in hydrotherapy during your spa session, water jets directed toward your body plays a massage role. This specific massage has the beneficial impact on your blood circulation, it ameliorate circulation and delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the soft tissues. This massage on cellulite prone areas helps to break down the fatty deposit and lessen its appearance. It is also important to note that in the process; lymphatic system is also activated, giving a generous boost to the immune system. You can get your hot tub for sale at tropicspa for wonderful hydrotherapy.


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